Of Mice and Men.

1. The beginning of the novel includes lots of ladscape info. Describe the setting.
(I answered that w/ no problem)
Name of place.
(I answered this also w/ no problem)
What does this place look like?
(I don't understand this question-please help)
Time in history.
(Already answered)
Time of year.
(Is it spring? I think it could also be fall or even summer)

This site will help you with this book.


To describe the look of a place mentioned in the beginning of the novel "Of Mice and Men," you will need to refer to the specific details provided in the text. Here is an approach to help you find the answer:

1. Identify the relevant section: Go back to the beginning of the novel and find the portion where the landscape is described. Look for details about the setting that can give you a sense of what the place looks like.

2. Pay attention to visual cues: Look for words or phrases that indicate the appearance of the place. The author may use descriptive language to paint a picture in the reader's mind. Words like "vast," "barren," "lush," or "rolling hills" can be useful indicators.

3. Consider the overall atmosphere: Note any information that can provide insight into the overall atmosphere or mood of the place. For example, if the place is described as desolate or gloomy, it may indicate a specific look to the setting.

Once you have examined the relevant details, you should be able to build a description of what the place looks like.

Regarding the time of year, it might not be explicitly stated in the beginning of the novel. However, you can look for clues in the text that suggest the time of year. For example, if the passage mentions blooming flowers or warm weather, it could indicate spring or summer. Conversely, if it mentions falling leaves or shorter days, it might suggest fall. Look for seasonal cues and context clues to determine the likely time of year.