What does the main conflict of the play seem to be?

My Answer- poverty + discrimination

This site will give you information on that and other questions on that play.


Would the main CONFLICT, or PROBLEM, be the importance of family and the value and purpose of dreams? I don't think those are CONFLICTS, besides, on Sparknotes they are listed as THEMES. I was just wondering if I was right in the main conflict(s) being poverty and discrimination. Could I get any feedback?

To determine the main conflict of a play, it is necessary to closely examine the events, characters, and themes within the story. Here are a few steps you can follow to identify the main conflict:

1. Read or watch the play: The first step is to fully immerse yourself in the play to gain a comprehensive understanding of its plot, characters, and setting.

2. Identify key themes and issues: Look for recurring themes or issues that the play explores. This could include topics such as love, power, social inequality, morality, or personal conflicts.

3. Analyze character relationships: Consider the dynamics between characters, their motivations, and their interactions. Pay attention to any conflicting goals, desires, or values that may create tension and contribute to the central conflict.

4. Assess external obstacles: Evaluate any external factors that act as obstacles for the characters' aspirations. These could include social, political, economic, or environmental challenges.

5. Determine the central conflict: Based on your observations, identify the primary conflict in the play. This conflict should have a significant impact on the storyline and the characters involved.

In the case of your question, where the play revolves around poverty and discrimination, it is likely that the central conflict focuses on the struggles and obstacles faced by characters due to their social and economic circumstances. However, without specific information about the play, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of the plot, themes, and character dynamics to confirm the main conflict.