Find 2 websites dealing with indigenous cultures/religions.Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous people you explored. Are indigenous religions still practiced today? If so, how have the practices changed over time.

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To find websites dealing with indigenous cultures/religions, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your preferred search engine, such as Google.
2. Enter keywords related to indigenous cultures or religions, such as "indigenous cultures websites" or "indigenous religions information."
3. Review the search results and select websites that seem credible and relevant to your topic.

One example of a website dealing with indigenous cultures and religions is Sacred Land Film Project ( This website explores various indigenous cultures and their spiritual practices, highlighting the impact of modern civilization on these traditions.

Another website you can explore is Cultural Survival ( It focuses on indigenous peoples worldwide and provides resources, articles, and information on their cultures and spiritual traditions.

Now, let's discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of indigenous people:

Modern civilization has had a significant impact on the spiritual lives of indigenous people. The colonization and globalization processes often brought about the forced conversion to dominant religions, suppression of indigenous spiritual practices, and the destruction of sacred sites. Indigenous people were often prohibited from practicing their rituals and were subjected to cultural assimilation.

Furthermore, the encroachment of modern means of communication, technologies, and values has also influenced the spiritual lives of indigenous communities. Access to the Internet, exposure to media, and migration to urban areas have contributed to a shift in beliefs and practices among some indigenous people. For instance, younger generations may adopt elements of mainstream religions or lifestyles, leading to a blend of traditional and modern practices.

Regarding the question of whether indigenous religions are still practiced today, the answer is yes. Indigenous religions continue to be practiced by many communities worldwide. However, it's important to note that the practices have evolved or adapted due to historical events and interactions with modern civilization.

The practices may have changed in terms of ceremony frequency, rituals, and their public or private nature. In some cases, traditional practices have been preserved in remote or isolated areas, while in others, they have become integrated with dominant religious or cultural practices. Additionally, efforts have been made to revive and reclaim indigenous spiritual traditions, including revitalizing ceremonies, preserving sacred sites, and passing down oral traditions.

I hope this information helps you in your exploration of indigenous cultures and religions. Remember to critically evaluate the sources you find and conduct further research to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.