With the following question I know that #3 can create a "cool" mood.

Is #3 the correct answer

Thank You

Of the following color combinations which would best provide a solemn mood?

#1 Shades and tints of yellow
#2 Red, Yellow and blue
#3 blue, blue-violet, and violet

#3 is correct, yes.


Yes, #3 is the correct answer for providing a solemn mood. The color combination of blue, blue-violet, and violet is often associated with a more serious and contemplative atmosphere. When it comes to color psychology, blue is often connected to feelings of calmness, stability, and introspection. Violet and blue-violet shades can enhance these qualities and create a sense of solemnity. To determine the best color combination for a specific mood, it is helpful to consider the psychological associations of different colors and experiment with various combinations to see how they affect the overall ambiance.