what are italic words in paragraphs????

In English, we use italics for the titles of books and movies (and anything else that would be underlined, not put in quotation marks).

We also use italics for words from another language. For example, if you use a French phrase in your paper, you'd put those words in italics to indicate that they are not misspelled, but are from a language other than English.

Some authors use italics to indicate when their characters are thinking; and they usually use quotation marks to indicate when characters are speaking.

And, finally, italics are sometimes used for emphasis, but that use should be sparingly done. Better yet, you should use bold to indicate emphasis -- and use it sparingly!

You can get all the specifics at this website: (Broken Link Removed) Click on Word and Sentence Help and then go into the Italics and Underlining section.


You could have just looked this up I hope you did

Italic words in paragraphs are used for various purposes, including indicating titles of books and movies, words from another language, thoughts of characters in literature, and for emphasis. To correctly use italics in your writing, you can follow these guidelines:

1. Titles: Use italics for titles of books, movies, TV shows, plays, poems, and other long creative works. For example: The Great Gatsby, The Shawshank Redemption.

2. Foreign words or phrases: When including words or phrases from another language, put them in italics to distinguish them from the rest of the text. For example: "Je ne sais quoi" means "a certain something" in French.

3. Character thoughts: Some authors use italics to indicate when a character is thinking. This helps differentiate between their thoughts and actual dialogue. For example: What should I do now? she wondered.

4. Emphasis: Italics can be used sparingly to emphasize a particular word or phrase for emphasis. However, it is generally preferred to use bold instead of italics for emphasis to ensure better readability.

To find more detailed information and examples on using italics and underlining in writing, you can visit a website like (Broken Link Removed). On their website, click on "Word and Sentence Help," and then navigate to the section specifically dedicated to italics and underlining.

Remember to use italics appropriately and sparingly to maintain the clarity and readability of your paragraphs.