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Word: "anapest"
three syllables with third stressed: a metrical foot of three syllables with the stress on the third syllable, or of two short syllables followed by a long syllable. The word "unconcerned" and the phrase "up the hill" are anapests.

Poetic "feet" are simply indications of the stress patterns of the syllables of words. Stress, in this sense, refers to which syllables are pronounced more loudly than the others.

When you say "unconcerned," you pronounce three syllables, and the third one is stressed: un-con-CERNED

When you say "up the hill," again you pronounce three syllables, and the third one is stressed: up the HILL

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In the illustrations shown, x stands for an unstressed syllable and / stands for a stressed syllable.


The word "anapest" is a term used in poetry to refer to a specific type of metrical foot. In poetry, metrical feet are patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables that create rhythm and meter in a poem. An anapest is a metrical foot that consists of three syllables, with the stress falling on the third syllable.

To further understand this, let's look at some examples. The word "unconcerned" is an example of an anapest because it has three syllables and the stress falls on the third syllable: un-con-CERNED. Similarly, the phrase "up the hill" is also an example of an anapest because each word has one stressed syllable, and the stress falls on the third syllable of the phrase: up the HILL.

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