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It was not duplicate response. I wanted to ask whether I write persuasive letter, bad news letter, or request letter for those instructions?

If you are writing from the customer's point of view to the company, you'd probably be writing a request letter. If you're writing from the company's point of view, you'd probably be writing a persuasive letter.


If you want to determine whether you should write a persuasive letter, bad news letter, or request letter, you need to consider the purpose and the content of your letter.

A persuasive letter is written to convince or persuade the reader to take a certain action or change their opinion about something. It typically includes persuasive language, strong arguments, and evidence to support your position.

A bad news letter is used when you need to deliver negative or disappointing information to the reader. It requires a sensitive approach and careful wording to soften the impact of the bad news.

A request letter, on the other hand, is written to ask someone for something, such as information, assistance, or a favor. It should clearly state your request and provide any necessary details or reasons for the request.

To decide which type of letter to write, consider the purpose of your communication. Are you trying to persuade someone to do something? Are you delivering bad news? Or are you simply asking for something? By identifying the purpose of your letter, you can determine the appropriate type and structure of your communication.