The same scenario, different roles and perspectives:

The Situation. A company recently installed an Eazy-Air Model 77 air conditioner in your upstairs den. You are Norman E. Stocker, of 41 Citrus Place, Sumatra, FL 32691. Your wife supervised the work. When you returned, you saw that some of the oak paneling on the wall around the new unit was split.

Your wife said that the repair person brought her attention to the split paneling, explaining that installation was unusually difficult because the oak paneling in the room was old and brittle. She said that he showed her that the wiring cover plate covered all but a fraction of an inch of the gap.

By the time you arrived home, however, the paneling had split more. You are afraid the split will continue to grow longer.

Your wife gave the repair person a check for $100 as the first installment on the $650 bill.

However, you are disappointed with the work. You want a $200 reduction in the overall bill so you can have the paneling repaired. You are unwilling to make further payments on the $550 one-year sales contract until the matter is settled.

Your task: Write to the owner of Hatcher Air Conditioning, Brent Hatcher, and request the $200 reduction in your bill. Hatcher's business address is Hatcher Air Conditioning, 2739 Coconut Lane, Sumatra, FL 32691. Invent any other details necessary.


What about in this letter. What do I have to write about, can you clear it to me thanks.

So ... which letter are you going to write -- to Mr. Stocker or from Mr. Stocker?

Apply the same ideas I gave you in the other post (below). Then re-post when you have your letter written, and someone here will give you feedback.


I have to choose one of them, I will write from Mr. Stocker. Can you explain to me now.

Politely point out in the letter that you want a $200 reduction in your bill. Explain that the split in the panelling has gotten larger, and you must get a professional carpenter in to fix it.

So I want them to fix it, or I mention in the letter, I will have to get "A CARPENTER" to fix it.

The owner of the business says that he wants to fix it or give you $25. Since you want $200, it's obvious that you want to hire a carpenter to fix it.

I am sorry to keep bothering you guys, but what is the best format. What should I put in first paragraph second paragraph third paragraph. (you are just give me outline).

1st paragraph -- Tell him that you want him to reduce your bill by $200.
2nd paragraph -- Explain why you want this money.
3rd paragraph -- Sum up what you've said in the rest of the letter.

Thanks so much Mrs. Sue and Writeacher. You both are really helpful.

You're very welcome. Good luck with your Business Writing course.

i forgot to ask which letter would it be. Persuasive letter, bad news letter, or request letter.

Based on the information provided, the letter you will be writing to Brent Hatcher, the owner of Hatcher Air Conditioning, would be a request letter. In this letter, you will be requesting a $200 reduction in your bill due to the split paneling issue caused by the installation of the air conditioner.