If you wanted to take a photo of an object in the summer and it is essential that the lighting of the photograph be "cool"
The best time would be-


Is 7:00 am correct


Yes, 7:00 AM would be a suitable time to take a photo of an object in the summer if you want the lighting to be "cool". The reason for this is that in the early morning, the sun is lower in the sky, which creates a softer and cooler light compared to the harsher, warmer light of midday. This softer light can give your photograph a more calming and cool atmosphere.

To determine the best time for a cool lighting effect, it's important to consider the angle of the sun. In the early morning, the angle of the sun is lower, resulting in cooler and softer lighting conditions. On the other hand, during midday, when the sun is directly overhead, the lighting tends to be harsher and warmer. Therefore, choosing a time like 7:00 AM would provide you with a better chance of achieving a cool lighting effect in your photograph.

It's worth mentioning that lighting conditions can vary depending on factors like location, weather, and time of year. It's always a good idea to experiment with different times of day and observe the lighting conditions to see which time works best for your specific object and desired effect.