What caused the British government to take action with regard to the atrocities committed in the Congo by King Leopold's colonial managers in 1904?

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To understand what caused the British government to take action regarding the atrocities in the Congo committed by King Leopold's colonial managers in 1904, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by conducting an online search using reliable sources such as academic journals, history websites, or reputable news organizations. It's important to ensure the information you find is accurate and credible.

2. Enter relevant keywords in your search query, such as "British government action Congo atrocities 1904." This will help narrow down the results and provide more specific information.

3. Look through the search results and skim through the descriptions to find articles or sources that provide insights into the British government's response to the Congo atrocities during that time.

4. Avoid clicking on the first two links that are suggested in the given response, as they may not be relevant or reliable sources. Instead, look for other reputable sources that offer detailed explanations about the British government's actions.

5. Read the selected articles or sources to gain a deeper understanding of the events that led to the British government's involvement. Pay attention to key details such as diplomatic interactions, public outrage, media coverage, or pressure from humanitarian groups.

By following these steps, you should be able to find information that explains the reasons behind the British government's actions in response to the atrocities committed in the Congo in 1904.