What caused the British government to take action with regard to these atrocities in 1904

With regards to how you worded your question, I think your it is incomplete as to "these atrocities". What atrocities are you refering to.

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With regards to how you worded your question, I think it is incomplete as to what attrocities you are refering to.

To find out what specific actions the British government took in response to certain atrocities in 1904, we would need more information about the specific event or situation you are referring to. However, I can explain a general approach for understanding historical events and actions like this.

1. Identify the context: Start by gathering information about the time period and any relevant historical events leading up to 1904. Understanding the broader context will help you better understand the motivations and circumstances surrounding the incident in question.

2. Research the atrocities: Use keywords related to the time period and location to search for specific incidents or events that occurred in 1904. Books, articles, and reputable historical websites can provide detailed information on specific events and their impact.

3. Study government records: Government documents such as official reports, parliamentary debates, and correspondence can shed light on the British government's response. These records are often archived and available in libraries, online databases, or government archives.

4. Consult historical analysis: Look for scholarly works, academic articles, or historical analyses that discuss the specific event or the British government's response to it. These studies often provide a broader perspective and deeper analysis into the motivations and actions of the government.

Remember, historical events are complex and understanding the actions taken by a particular government requires careful examination of multiple sources and perspectives.