Explain how the European desire for profit affected the people of the Congo.

The Europeans desire for profit affected the people of Congo by taking away their freedom, forcing them into slavery, taking away their customs, affected the economy etc.

That's a good answer; you could explain how colonialism affected the Congo's economy.

Certainly! Colonialism and the European desire for profit greatly impacted the Congo's economy by exploiting its resources for their own benefit. The Europeans engaged in what is known as "resource extraction" - extracting valuable resources such as rubber, ivory, and minerals from the Congo.

To explain how colonialism affected the Congo's economy, we need to understand that the Europeans established a system of forced labor and slavery to meet their profit motives. They imposed harsh labor practices, such as rubber quotas, on the Congolese people, which were often impossible to meet. Failure to meet these quotas resulted in brutal punishments, including torture and mutilation. This not only caused immense suffering to the Congolese people but also disrupted their traditional economic activities.

The European powers also imposed trade restrictions that heavily favored European companies, further hindering the development of local industries in the Congo. Resources were extracted and sent back to Europe, often without any significant investment in infrastructure or development in the Congo itself. This led to the exploitation and depletion of the country's natural resources, often leaving the Congolese people impoverished and their economy in ruins.

Furthermore, the imposition of European customs, laws, and institutions in the Congo disrupted the existing economic and social structures. Traditional means of sustenance and trade were devalued or destroyed, forcing the Congolese people to rely on the European-controlled economy.

Overall, the European desire for profit in the Congo had a devastating impact on the Congolese people and their economy. Their freedom was taken away, they were subjected to forced labor and slavery, and their traditional economic activities were disrupted or destroyed.