Do all sedimetary rocks react with Hydrochloric acid?

Check this site for your answer.

To determine if all sedimentary rocks react with hydrochloric acid, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your web browser and navigate to the website mentioned, ""

2. Once the webpage loads, scroll down to the chart or table containing information on sedimentary rocks.

3. Look for a column or row that specifically mentions the reactivity of sedimentary rocks with hydrochloric acid. This information might be found under the heading or title of "Acid Reaction" or "Chemical Reactivity."

4. Examine the information provided in the chart to determine if all sedimentary rocks react with hydrochloric acid. The chart should indicate whether sedimentary rocks are classified as "reactive," "non-reactive," or provide a rating scale indicating their level of reactivity with hydrochloric acid.

5. If the chart does not provide a clear answer, you may need to explore further by conducting additional research or consulting alternative sources such as geology textbooks or academic articles.

Remember to critically evaluate the information provided, as different sources may offer varying conclusions based on their research and study methods.