In Of Mice and Men, Curly is said to have one been welterweight boxer/ a semiprofessional boxer. I reread the book, but I can't find that info. anywhere. Can you please point it out to me?

Here are several sites that refer to this:

But since I don't have the book, I can't tell you where the reference is exactly. You may need to go over it again, or there may be a specific page reference in one of the above websites.


I'll read it again, but I'm wondering if it was just implied that he was a boxer.

Since it's referred to in more than only one or two websites (including university websites), it must be there somewhere. I doubt if it's implied since these websites are using the exact term "welterweight."


To find the specific reference to Curly being a welterweight boxer in the book "Of Mice and Men," you can try the following steps:

1. First, make sure you have a copy of the book. If you don't have one, you can borrow it from a library or purchase it online.

2. Start by skimming through the book and looking for any mentions of Curly's background or past experiences. Focus on scenes where Curly is involved or where other characters talk about him.

3. Pay attention to any descriptions or conversations that reference Curly's physical strength, aggressiveness, or any fighting background. These passages might contain clues about his boxing career.

4. If you couldn't find the mention of Curly's boxing career while skimming through the book, you can refer to the page references provided in the search results you found from the previous step. These references could point you to specific chapters or pages where the information is mentioned.

5. Once you've located the referenced pages, read the surrounding passages to get the full context of Curly's boxing career. This will help you understand how it is presented in the story.

Remember that sometimes details like these may be mentioned briefly or in passing, so it's possible you may have overlooked it during your initial reading. By following these steps and actively searching for the information, you should be able to find the reference to Curly being a welterweight boxer in "Of Mice and Men."