what is the square root of

3.467 x 10^8?

I relaly do not know how to punch this into my calculator because I do not have a graphing calculator

You don't need a graphing calculator. Punch in 3.467E8 and hit the square root button. The answer is 1.862E4

To find the square root of 3.467 x 10^8 without a graphing calculator, you can use a regular scientific calculator. Here's how:

1. First, enter the number 3.467 x 10^8 into the calculator. Since it's given in scientific notation, you can either directly enter 3.467E8 or multiply 3.467 by 10^8 manually.

2. Once you have entered the number, look for the square root button on your calculator. It is commonly represented by the symbol √ or "sqrt."

3. Press the square root button or the corresponding key. The calculator will calculate and display the square root of the number.

In this case, after entering 3.467 x 10^8 and pressing the square root button, the calculator will display the result as 1.862 x 10^4 (or 18620).