In the book "Of Mice and Men", in section 1, Describe the setting. What is the name of place? What does theplace look like? Time in history? Time of year?

Is the name of place the Salinas river, a few miles south of Soledad, near the Gabilan mountains?
Is the time in history 1937? (the year the book was published)

go on google and search this.

you'll find everything!!!!!

better yet go on sparknotes

i tried sparknotes and pinkmonkey, so I guess I'll try google thanx

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This should surely give you everything you need and then some!

To describe the setting of "Of Mice and Men" in Section 1, the place described is a few miles south of Soledad near the Salinas River, close to the Gabilan mountains. The time in history is 1937, which is when the book was published.

To find this information, you can use various sources. One option is to search on Google, using keywords such as "Of Mice and Men setting Section 1" or "Of Mice and Men place and time." This should give you a range of websites and resources that discuss the setting of the book.

Another option is to refer to literary analysis websites such as Sparknotes or Pinkmonkey. These platforms provide summaries, analysis, and detailed information about various literary works, including "Of Mice and Men." By searching for the specific book and section, you should be able to find the information you need.

Additionally, you can refer to academic websites or resources provided by educational institutions. A quick search using keywords like "Of Mice and Men setting analysis" or "Of Mice and Men historical context" will likely lead you to websites with reliable information.

Remember to critically evaluate the information you find and cross-reference it with multiple sources to ensure accuracy and consistency.