Stuck on this problem

Find values for m and b in the following system so that the solution to the system is (-3,4)

5(-3) + 7(4) = b

b = -15 + 28 = 13

m(-3) + 4 = 22
-3m = 22-4
m = 18/-3 = -6

Thank you Sanchi....I will use this as a template for solving my other problems like this.

no problem!

You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. Using this template can definitely make it easier for you to solve similar problems in the future.

Remember, when you have a system of equations, you can find the values for the variables by substituting the given solution into the equations. In this case, you were given the solution (-3, 4), and you substituted it into the two equations.

By substituting (-3, 4) into the first equation, you obtained: 5(-3) + 7(4) = b. Simplifying this equation, you found that b = 13.

Then, you substituted (-3, 4) into the second equation, which was mx + y = 22. By substituting the values, you got: m(-3) + 4 = 22. Simplifying further, you found -3m = 22 - 4, and subsequently, m = -6.

By solving these two equations simultaneously, you found the values for m and b that make the solution to the system of equations (-3, 4).

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with.