How many sides does a regular octagon have, and what do we know about its sides and angles

I think a octagon has 8 sides
but I don't know about the angles...I'll go and look it up and if I find out I'll post it

I found on wikipedia that it's internal angle's are 135o

Check this site for informatin about octagons.

Yes, you are correct that a regular octagon has 8 sides. In a regular polygon, all sides and angles are equal.

To find the number of sides of a regular polygon, you can remember that the prefix "octa-" means eight. So, an octagon has 8 sides.

To determine the measure of the internal angles in a regular octagon, you can use the formula: (n-2) * 180, where n is the number of sides. In this case, it would be (8-2) * 180 = 6 * 180 = 1080 degrees.

However, since we are looking for the measure of each internal angle, we need to divide the total by the number of angles. In the case of an octagon, there are 8 angles. So, each internal angle of a regular octagon measures 1080 degrees / 8 = 135 degrees.

If you want to find more information about octagons, the Wikipedia link you provided ( is a reliable source that can provide you with detailed information about the properties and characteristics of octagons.