Here is the questions it says to simplify: xyy^2 x^3 and here is the answer x^4 y^3

here is another one m^3 pmxm^2 x^3 p^5 and here is the answer m^6 p^6 x^4
and here is another one xm^2 xm^3 x^3 m and here is the answer x^5 m^6
and here is another one ky^2 k^3 k^2 y^5 and here is the answer k^6 y^7
and here is the last one a^2 ba^2 b^3 ab^4 and here is the answer a^5 b^8

all correct.

explain how to do this one thanks
x^2-3yx+2yx^2-2xy+yx it saids to simplify by adding like terms I Just don't get it :0)

Look at the three yx or xy terms...combine them into one.

To simplify the expression x^2 - 3yx + 2yx^2 - 2xy + yx, we need to combine the like terms.

First, let's identify the like terms. In this case, the like terms are the terms that have the same variables raised to the same powers.

We have three terms that contain the variables y and x: -3yx, 2yx^2, and yx.

To simplify, we can add or subtract the coefficients (the numbers in front of the variables) of these like terms while keeping the variables the same.

The coefficients of the yx terms are:
-3 (from -3yx)
2 (from 2yx^2)
1 (from yx)

Adding them together, we get -3 + 2 + 1 = 0.

Therefore, the simplified expression is x^2 - 2xy.

The yx terms cancel each other out when combined because their total coefficient is zero.