can you add supporting details, and resoning based off the information below: A ‘like’ has value beyond its function as a digital ego stroke. Yes, people use social media to explore the lives of others—from friends and family to role models and total strangers—but it’s often in pursuit of better lives themselves. Users can note trends. Each like helps Instagram and its community determine the quality of a post, with often the most photogenic cream rising to the top.

Supporting Detail 1: Social media users use the "like" function to explore and gather information about others' lives. By liking posts of friends, family, role models, and even strangers, individuals can gain insights into different lifestyles, experiences, and perspectives. This information gathering helps users in their pursuit of better lives for themselves by gaining inspiration, seeking new trends, and broadening their horizons.

Reasoning: When users explore the lives of others and engage with their posts through liking them, they can expose themselves to new ideas and possibilities. For example, by liking posts that showcase healthy eating habits or fitness routines, individuals may learn about ways to improve their own health and well-being. Similarly, liking posts about career success may inspire users to strive for similar achievements in their professional lives. Thus, the act of liking posts enables individuals to gather valuable information and adopt positive behaviors or attitudes that can contribute to their pursuit of better lives.

Supporting Detail 2: Each like on Instagram contributes to the platform's algorithm, which determines the quality and popularity of a post. Likes help Instagram's community identify posts that resonate with users and are considered valuable or interesting. Consequently, posts that receive a high number of likes are often featured prominently, gaining more visibility and engagement from the audience.

Reasoning: The algorithmic evaluation of likes allows Instagram users to benefit from a filtered feed that showcases high-quality content. By having the most aesthetically pleasing or compelling posts rise to the top, users are exposed to visually appealing and engaging content. This not only enhances their overall experience on the platform but also provides inspiration and ideas for creating their own meaningful content. Thus, the act of liking serves as a participatory action in shaping the ecosystem of Instagram and assists users in discovering valuable posts that can contribute to their pursuit of a better online experience.