can someone correct me please...

Find the mean. Round to the nearest tenth.

*its a table with 2colums and 5 rows:
*/* = this is used for separation of columns:
value / frequency


This is what i did i did a third column and whats in it is the value times frequency of each row....then i added them up and ended up with 3393 then divided the total amount of the third column with the total amount in column two of frequency which is 14.


3393/14 = 242.35 so when i rounded it to the nearest tenth then it would be 242.40

correct, except for nitpick: If it is rounded to the nearest tenth, why did you list the hundredths digit?

Yes, you have correctly calculated the mean of the given dataset. The mean is the average of all the numbers in the dataset. To find the mean, you need to calculate the sum of the products of the values and their frequencies and then divide it by the sum of the frequencies.

In this case, you created a third column which represents the product of the value and its corresponding frequency. Then you added up all the values in the third column to get a sum of 3393. Finally, you divided this sum by the total frequency, which is 14, to calculate the mean.

However, when rounding to the nearest tenth, you only need to consider the tenths digit. In this case, since the hundredths digit is 5, it would round up the tenths digit. Therefore, the correct rounded mean would be 242.4, not 242.35.