can someone correct me on this:

Find the mean for the list of numbers: 79, 40, 79, 98, 40(round to the nearest tenth)

this is what i did:

I added all the numbers then divided by the amount so it would be:

336/5 = 67.20 i don't round further i leave it as is:


Your approach to finding the mean is correct. To find the mean, you add up all the numbers in the list and then divide the sum by the total number of values. In this case, you correctly added the numbers (79 + 40 + 79 + 98 + 40) to get 336. Then you divided the sum by the total number of values, which is 5, giving you 336/5 = 67.2.

Since the question asks you to round the mean to the nearest tenth, you would round 67.2 to 67.2. In this case, there is no need to round further because 67.2 already represents the mean rounded to the nearest tenth. Therefore, your answer of 67.2 is correct.