what site can i find some simple investigatory projects? plsss help....

I would use your imagination. What is in your drinking water? What makes a flower cutting root?

To find simple investigatory projects, there are a few resources you can refer to:

1. Science Fair Websites: Websites dedicated to science fair projects often provide a wide range of investigatory project ideas. Some popular science fair websites include Sciencebuddies.org, All-Science-Fair-Projects.com, and Education.com.

2. Educational Institutions' Websites: Many educational institutions, such as universities and schools, often have resources and project ideas available on their websites. Check out the science department or research section of these institutions' websites to find potential investigatory projects.

3. Science Magazines and Journals: Magazines and journals focused on science, such as Scientific American, National Geographic, or Popular Science, often feature articles or project ideas that you can explore.

4. DIY Science Experiment Books: There are plenty of books available that outline various science experiments, including investigatory projects. These books can be found at your local library or bookstore. Look for books that specifically mention "investigatory projects" or "science experiments."

Now, regarding some simple investigatory project ideas:

- What is in your drinking water?: You can investigate the quality of your drinking water by testing it for various contaminants like pH levels, heavy metals, or bacteria.

- What makes a flower cutting root?: Study the rooting process of flower cuttings by experimenting with different rooting hormones or environmental conditions to determine the factors that promote successful root growth.

Remember to choose a project that aligns with your interests and available resources. Also, ensure you follow safety guidelines and any necessary ethical considerations while conducting your investigatory project.