I have the following problem to solve and I am not sure if I have the correct answer. Could you let me know if I do?


my answer: -3

your answer is incorretct ..it should be x=2
u just have to practice more often ..

Combine like terms first by adding or subtracting terms from both sides of the equation.


2 = 4/x

I mentioned this in response to a later post. Ihope hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

To simplify the given equation, we can start by combining like terms:

1/(x+5) + 2 = 5/(x+5)

Now, we need to eliminate the denominators by finding the common denominator, which is (x+5). Multiply both sides of the equation by (x+5):

(x+5) * (1/(x+5)) + 2(x+5) = (x+5) * (5/(x+5))

Cancelling out the denominators, we get:

1 + 2(x+5) = 5

Now, distribute 2 on the left side and simplify:

1 + 2x + 10 = 5

Combine like terms:

2x + 11 = 5

Subtract 11 from both sides:

2x = -6

Divide both sides by 2:

x = -3

So the correct answer is x = -3, not x = 2.