Could anyone give a web about

1.Practical arts
2.Greek theory
5.Modern Chemisry

These are such broad subjects. My suggestion:
Go to and type in what you want to find. You will find, literally, thousands of links. The more specific you can make it (such as alchemy) the better.

Of course! Here are some brief explanations and suggested websites for each of the topics you mentioned:

1. Practical Arts: Practical arts refer to skills or activities that have a practical application in everyday life, such as cooking, woodworking, or hairstyling. To explore practical arts, you can visit websites like or, which provide tutorials, tips, and project ideas in various practical art disciplines.

2. Greek Theory: Greek theory refers to the philosophical, scientific, and artistic concepts developed by ancient Greek thinkers. To learn about Greek theory, you can start by visiting educational websites like and These websites provide in-depth explanations and resources on various aspects of Greek philosophy, science, and art.

3. Alchemy: Alchemy was an ancient proto-scientific practice that aimed to transform base metals into gold and discover the elixir of life. To delve into the world of alchemy, you can visit websites like or These websites offer historical information, texts, illustrations, and discussions on alchemical practices and symbolism.

4. Phlogiston: Phlogiston was a substance postulated in the 18th century to explain combustion. The concept has since been disproven but remains an interesting historical milestone in the progress of chemistry. To learn more about phlogiston, you can visit websites like or These websites provide explanations and articles on the history and development of phlogiston theory.

5. Modern Chemistry: Modern chemistry encompasses the study of matter and its properties, reactions, and transformations. To explore modern chemistry, you can visit reputable educational websites like or These websites offer comprehensive resources, including tutorials, articles, and interactive tools, to help you understand various aspects of modern chemistry.

Remember, while these suggested websites can provide a starting point for your exploration, it's always a good idea to cross-reference information and explore multiple sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of the topics.