I wanted to know if I am correct on the question below...
Thank You

How are the ideas in the folowing two sentences tied together?

The best time I had all summer was the night of Sherry's party. The worst was the next day.

1. a connective
2. word pointers
3. senteces closely connected in meaning
4. no connection

I say its word pointers, I'm not certain though.

I would also look at #3.

#2 could work:
best / worst
was / was
night / day

#3 could also work - closely connected by means of the night / day wording.

Based on the information given, your answer of "word pointers" seems reasonable. The words "best" and "worst" in the sentences serve as markers or pointers, indicating a connection between the ideas. However, I would also consider option #3, "sentences closely connected in meaning." The sentences are closely connected because they describe contrasting experiences during consecutive time periods (the night of Sherry's party and the next day). So, both options #2 and #3 could be valid answers.

i like the senteces