what does it mean when the professor ask is the article you found full-text.

Full text means that you found the entire original document. Some web sites and magazines only print a part of a text or an abstract of it. But full-text means the complete text. Check this site for more information.


It often refers to websites that offer the FULL TEXT of journal articles, rather than just an abstract. The web sites of most archival journals offer only abstracts free of charge. For libraries, different rules may apply.

I'm sorry to be a bit naggy but you did kind-of answer your own question here.

When a professor asks if the article you found is full-text, they are asking if you were able to access the entire original document. This means that you were able to find and view the complete text of the article, rather than just a summary or abstract of it.

To determine if the article you found is full-text, you can follow these steps:

1. Start by checking the source where you found the article. Determine if the website or database you used typically provides full-text articles or if they only offer abstracts or summaries.

2. If you found the article through an online database or digital library, look for options or filters that allow you to limit your search results to full-text articles only. These options are often found in the search settings or advanced search options.

3. If the article you found does not have a full-text option available, you may need to explore other sources. Consider checking other databases, libraries, or academic websites that may have the full-text version of the article you are looking for.

4. In some cases, accessing full-text articles may require a subscription or access through a library database. If you are a student, faculty member, or affiliated with a library, you may have access to these resources through your institution. Check with your library to see if they provide access to the article or can assist you in obtaining it.

Keep in mind that the availability of full-text articles can vary depending on the source, publication, or copyright restrictions. It is always best to consult with your professor or a librarian if you are having trouble finding the full-text version of an article. They can provide guidance on the best resources to use or help you navigate through any access barriers.