Could someone provide a website or examples comparing and contrasting the roles that ethics and law play within organizations.

I hope these websites have the information you need.

To find websites that compare and contrast the roles of ethics and law within organizations, you can use search engines like Google or Bing and enter relevant keywords such as "comparing ethics and law roles in organizations" or "ethics and law in organizations". This will provide you with a variety of websites that discuss the topic.

Here are a few examples of websites that may provide the information you're looking for:

1. The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School has a section on their website called Wex, which provides definitions and explanations of legal terms and concepts. Their page on "Ethics" ( may provide insights into the intersection of law and ethics within organizations.

2. is a legal resource website that offers information on various legal topics, including ethics. Their page on "Top Sites for Ethics" ( lists different resources and websites that focus on ethics in organizations. This can be a good starting point to gather more information.

3. A webpage from the University of Southern California's Health Sciences website, titled "Ethics and the Law" (, provides a discussion on how ethics and law interrelate in different situations, especially in healthcare organizations. While it focuses on the healthcare industry, the concepts discussed can be applicable to organizations in other sectors as well.

Remember to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the information provided on these websites to ensure that they align with your research needs.

Here are three websites that can provide information on the roles of ethics and law within organizations:

1. Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute: The website provides an overview of ethics and their relationship with law. It covers various ethical principles and how they interact with laws and regulations. You can access the information at

2. Megalaw: This website offers a collection of resources on ethics in law and business. It addresses the importance of ethics in organizations, ethical decision-making processes, and the relationship between ethics and legal obligations. You can find more information at

3. University of Southern California - Health Sciences: This webpage discusses the intersection of ethics and law within the healthcare industry. It explores the ethical and legal considerations that healthcare professionals must navigate, including patient rights, privacy laws, and ethical obligations. You can access the information at

Please note that while these websites provide information on the topic, it is always important to cross-reference and verify the information from multiple sources for a comprehensive understanding.