what is physics? i know that its subject but what is definition of physics?

The study of matter, energy, space, and time, and the interactions thereof.

physics is the scientific study of matter ,energy space e.t.c.

IF A 0.5 Kg baseball(at rest) is hit by a bat with a force of 200.0 N what is the magnitude of the baseball just as it is leaving the bat?

Hi komal, physics most basically is the study of everything that involves nature. The word physics itself is derived from the Greek word physicos which means nature. This physics comes into being as the study of all that is present in nature.

Physics is about the nature of basic things such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat sound, light and the composition of atoms

physics is the branches of science that deal with the behaviou of matter relation to energy.physics comes from the greek word called physicos means nature. we have engineering,biochemical physics

Physics is a branch of science that focuses on understanding the fundamental principles of the universe, studying the behavior of matter, energy, space, and time, as well as the interactions between them. It seeks to explain the physical phenomena observed in nature by formulating and testing mathematical models, theories, and laws.

To get a definition of physics, you can consult various reliable sources, such as textbooks, dictionaries, or encyclopedias. These sources will provide you with a concise and accurate description of what physics is and what it encompasses. Additionally, you can also refer to reputable educational websites or online platforms that offer detailed explanations of various scientific disciplines, including physics.