WHat is the percent that English derives from Latin?

I don't know if there's an actual number you can give for this question. If you're talking about vocabulary, it's probably more than 50%; if you're talking about grammar and structure, it's probably less than 50%. You'll need to be specific.



Well, I was told that Latin made up 85% of the English language. Is this true?


It is not accurate to say that Latin makes up 85% of the English language. While Latin has had a significant influence on English, especially in terms of vocabulary, it is difficult to determine an exact percentage. The influence of Latin on English varies depending on the domain of language - for example, the vocabulary is more heavily influenced by Latin than the grammar and structure.

To get a more accurate understanding of the influence of Latin on English, it is best to refer to reputable sources such as linguistic studies or language experts.

For instance, you can visit websites like Oxford English Dictionary or ask experts on language and etymology. This will provide you with reliable information and a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between English and Latin.