so how did you say to do part c

c) if there is 2 woman and 5 men in the group, how many delegations would include at least 1 woman?

would it be the answer to part a minus the number of 2 man pairs which will give me:

21 - 5combination 2 = 21-10 = 11

Ooops, you are right.

So how do i find part A:

A group of 7 workers decide to send a delegation fo 2 to their superviosr to discuss their grievances.

a) how many delegations are possible?
this was my answer: 21
and you said was wrong....what do i have to do....

yes. You can work it by figuring the possibility of one woman, and two women, but it is easier to figure the men.

How i am getting confused...

a) 7*6*5*4*3*2*1/5*4*3*2*1=7*6=42 possiilites

b) 1*6=6 possible combinations

c) 22 possibilites