Have you thought of typing Helter Skelter into the Google Search engine?

Amen! I lived in the general area when all that was going on, too, and it was just horrific. "Sub-human" is a good term for C. Manson, and it just breaks my heart that taxpayers should be spending a penny on that scum.

Now ... stepping off my soapbox ... do you know what SraJ and I are referring to? What he and his followers did? And why so many people who have known all this since the atrocities happened feel the way they do?

If you don't know those things, you need to find out.

What are some opinions on the Helter Skelter situation? I have a report due in two hours and I need some opinions quick!

Yes. I got the song, movie, and summary. I need actual people's opinions on it.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Although this is not a forum for opinions, my personal opinion, having lived not far from the murders at that time, is that Charlie Manson, as a sub-human, has had no right to live off the taxpayers in prison. He should have been exterminated "with extreme prejudice," just as his victims.

To find opinions on the Helter Skelter situation, you can try the following steps:

1. Start by conducting a search on the internet using a search engine like Google. Type "Helter Skelter opinions" or "public opinion on Helter Skelter" in the search bar.

2. Look for reputable sources such as news articles, blogs, or forums where people discuss the topic. Make sure to evaluate the credibility of the sources before using the information for your report.

3. Explore different perspectives by reading articles or forum threads that discuss the Helter Skelter situation. Pay attention to the arguments, reasoning, and emotions expressed by individuals who have shared their opinions.

4. Take note of any relevant quotes, statistics, or personal experiences that support different viewpoints on the situation. This information can be used as evidence in your report.

Remember, while it's important to include a range of opinions in your report, it's crucial to maintain objectivity and provide a balanced view of the situation.