I need help with my thesis statement. So far I have:

Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victornian age, and her novel full violent romance.

You have to have:
General subject: Emily Bronte
Limited Topic: Wuthering Heights
Specific Focus: Victorian Age

She has a violent/twisted romance and i know a lot of people didn't agree with the queen. So if anyone could help me form it into a better thesis statement it would be much appreceited!
PS. correct any spelling errors if you notice them because i'm horrible with that & grammar.

What did she write?

Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victorian age, and her novel, ______, was full of violent romance.

Did she use satire? Sarcasm?

Wuthering heights is the book she wrote that i had to read. She was just showing an alternative to the traditional romantic novels people wrote.
thanks for you help tho!

This is a good suggestion for a thesis sentence.

Emily Bronte was an unusual writer from the Victorian age; her novel, Wuthering Heights contains not only the romance common to the Victorian Period, but also the uncommon element of violence.

Here is a revised version of your thesis statement:

Emily Bronte, an unconventional writer from the Victorian age, defied societal norms with her novel Wuthering Heights by incorporating a violent and intense romance, challenging the traditional romantic novels of her time and providing readers with a unique literary experience.

To refine your thesis statement, you could consider rewording it to make it more specific and focused:

"Emily Bronte, an unconventional writer of the Victorian age, explores the complexities of romance and passion in her novel Wuthering Heights by weaving together themes of violence, turbulence, and unconventional love."

This revised thesis statement highlights Bronte's unique approach to writing during the Victorian era, emphasizing her exploration of intense and unorthodox elements in romantic relationships.

Remember to proofread your statement for any spelling or grammatical errors before finalizing it.