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IP address is your Internet Protocol address. Its kinda of like your street address but for your computer like how you put a return address on letters your IP address is recorded when visiting websites and posting things so the website operators know where your coming from. It is mostly used to prevent spam and abuse because web administrators can block an IP address if the user using it is abusig the site, etc etc.

Charles Dickens , one of the most noted authors of the Victorian era, discusses the self-righteousness of the French Aristocracy and lack of courtesy or care of common people in A Tale of Two Cities .

I think this organization of your thesis statement will make it clearer.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but as an AI language model, I don't have personal feelings or preferences. However, I can provide feedback on the organization of your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement about Charles Dickens and his portrayal of the self-righteousness of the French Aristocracy and lack of courtesy or care for common people in "A Tale of Two Cities" seems like a good focus for an analysis. By emphasizing these aspects, you can provide a clear direction for your essay.

To further improve the clarity of your thesis statement, you might consider rephrasing it to be more concise and specific. For example:

"Charles Dickens explores the self-righteousness of the French Aristocracy and their disregard for the common people in his novel, 'A Tale of Two Cities'."

Remember, a good thesis statement should clearly state your main argument or analysis while being specific enough to guide your essay.

Thank you for your suggestion! Here's a revised organization of the thesis statement:

In Charles Dickens' novel, "A Tale of Two Cities," he sheds light on the self-righteousness prevalent among the French Aristocracy and highlights their lack of courtesy or care for the common people. Through his portrayal of various characters and their actions, Dickens showcases the stark contrast between the upper class and the lower class, emphasizing the societal divide and the consequences that arise from it.