What is the difference between a noun and a verb?

Ebone, a noun is the name of something - a person, a place, an idea.

The verb is what that "something" does. It is the action or being that affects the noun. These are some good sites on Nouns and Verbs


To understand the difference between a noun and a verb, you need to know their definitions and functions.

A noun is a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea. It is essentially a name for something. For example, in the sentence "John went to the store," "John" is a noun because it is the name of a person. Similarly, "store" is a noun because it represents a place.

A verb, on the other hand, is a word that expresses an action, occurrence, or state of being. It is what the noun does or what happens to the noun. In the sentence "John went to the store," "went" is the verb because it indicates an action performed by John.

To learn more about nouns and verbs, you can explore educational websites that provide explanations and examples. The websites you mentioned, such as http://classroom.jc-schools.net/la/activities/nouns.html and http://classroom.jc-schools.net/la/activities/verbs.html, can be helpful resources. Another option is http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/noun.htm and http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/verb.htm. These sites offer explanations and interactive activities to enhance your understanding of nouns and verbs.