what are some process used in different organizations to download and imput paper information into computerized systems so other can analyze? would this be like excel programs charts graphs etc.?

1. Manual retyping the paper information to a text file
2. Transmittal of scanned graphic files (such as .pdf and .jpg)
3. Computerized optical character recognition

i need help thinding ten facts about planet earth



To find ten facts about planet Earth, you can follow these steps:

1. Open a web browser and go to the Wikipedia page for Earth using the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth

2. Scroll through the page to get an overview of the information available.

3. Look for headings or sections that might contain interesting facts about Earth, such as "Characteristics," "Geology," "Atmosphere," "Climate," etc.

4. Under each section, read the content and look for specific facts or pieces of information that catch your attention.

5. Make notes or copy down the facts that you find interesting. You can use a separate document or file to keep track of them.

6. Continue scrolling through the page and exploring different sections to find more facts about Earth.

7. As you read through the content, you may come across external links or references that can provide additional information about specific facts. Click on those links if you want to dive even deeper into a particular topic.

8. Look for images or diagrams on the Wikipedia page that might provide visual representation of the facts about Earth.

9. If you want to find more facts beyond what's available on Wikipedia, you can use search engines or visit other reliable sources related to astronomy, geology, or environmental science.

10. Once you have gathered ten interesting facts about Earth, you can assemble them into a document or presentation to share or discuss with others.

Remember, Wikipedia is a good starting point for gathering information, but it's always important to cross-reference and verify facts from multiple sources to ensure accuracy.