If I need for you to check my apa formated paper including my references that were used. How can I do this if your system tells me I can not because I do not own that web site.

You cant post links. but you can post them this way..

http: w w w chosemylink dot com or something similar.

If you would like me to check your APA-formatted paper and references, I can provide guidance on how to do it. However, as an AI text-based assistant, I'm unable to access specific websites or view the content of your paper. Here are some steps you can follow to get help with checking your APA format and references:

1. Use an online APA citation generator: There are numerous free online tools available that can help you generate correctly formatted APA citations for your references. Simply search for "APA citation generator" and choose a reputable website. Use the tool to input the necessary information about your references, and the generator will provide you with the properly formatted citations.

2. Find an APA formatting guide: The American Psychological Association (APA) publishes an official manual that provides detailed guidelines for formatting academic papers, including references. You can access the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) online or purchase a physical copy. Review the guide to ensure that your paper adheres to the correct APA formatting rules.

3. Seek assistance from a writing center or tutor: Many educational institutions offer writing centers that provide guidance on formatting papers and references. They often have experienced tutors or resources available to help students with APA formatting. Reach out to your school's writing center or consider finding an online writing tutor who can assist you.

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