It's an ethnic group the same as Subordinate group?

Not necessarily. German Americans, for instance, are an ethnic group, but they are not viewed as subordinate.

so, if my professor is asking for me to choose an ethnic goup to which I personally belong can I choose Hispanic/American?

Hispanic/American is an ethnic group.

To determine which ethnic group you personally belong to, you can consider your cultural, linguistic, and ancestral background. If you identify as Hispanic and have American citizenship or strong ties to American culture, choosing Hispanic/American as your ethnic group would be a valid option. It's important to note that ethnicity is a complex identification that can be subjective and may vary from person to person. It's best to consult with your professor or refer to any specific guidelines they have provided to ensure you are meeting the requirements of the assignment.

Yes, you can choose Hispanic/American as your ethnic group if you personally identify with it. It is considered an ethnic group as it encompasses individuals who identify with both Hispanic and American cultures.