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Creating Lists

You will create three lists. One will be a bulleted list, one a numbered list, and one a multi-level list using the listing features in your software.

Remember to use the software features so that the computer automatically numbers your items so that if the list changes, you will not have to renumber yourself. After reading all the instructions, make sure you have reached the bottom of the document to make sure all previous formatting has been turned off.

Title your paper: 3.04 Lists
Create two bulleted lists. Use any style bullets you like.
The first should include:
Your Name
Today's Date
Your School
Your Facilitator
The second should include:
Either your favorite ice cream flavors or favorite candy bars
Sub-bullets for your items should contain who makes the ice cream flavor or candy bar
Before beginning the next list, press Enter until your bullet or next number goes away.
Make the second list a numbered list by creating a step-by-step list of what you do to get ready for school in the morning.
Under each main number, you should have at least two sub-bullets which use letters to further define that step.
Don’t forget to press Enter until the bullet or number is turned off beginning your final list.
To create the multi-level list, use the drop down next to the multi-level list button and choose a style.
The multi-level list should be an outline of notes for another subject.
For example, for Biology, you might be studying biomes. You could create an outline of the headings in your textbook chapter that covers biomes.

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  1. 3.04 Lists

    Bulleted List 1:
    - Your Name
    - Today's Date
    - Your School
    - Your Facilitator

    Bulleted List 2:
    - Favorite ice cream flavors:
    - Chocolate (By Ben & Jerry's)
    - Vanilla (By Häagen-Dazs)
    - Strawberry (By Baskin Robbins)
    - Favorite candy bars:
    - Snickers (By Mars)
    - Kit Kat (By Nestle)
    - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (By Hershey's)

    Numbered List:
    1. Wake up
    a. Turn off the alarm
    b. Stretch
    2. Brush teeth
    a. Apply toothpaste to toothbrush
    b. Brush teeth for two minutes
    3. Take a shower
    a. Adjust water temperature
    b. Use shampoo and conditioner
    4. Get dressed
    a. Choose outfit for the day
    b. Put on clothes and accessories
    5. Have breakfast
    a. Prepare a balanced meal
    b. Eat and drink slowly
    6. Pack backpack
    a. Organize books and materials
    b. Double-check for all necessary items
    7. Leave for school
    a. Grab keys and wallet
    b. Lock the door behind you

    Multi-level List:
    - Chapter 1: Introduction to Biomes
    - 1.1 What is a Biome?
    - 1.2 Factors influencing Biomes
    - Chapter 2: Terrestrial Biomes
    - 2.1 Tropical Rainforests
    - 2.2 Deserts
    - 2.3 Grasslands
    - 2.4 Temperate Deciduous Forests
    - 2.5 Taiga
    - 2.6 Tundra
    - Chapter 3: Aquatic Biomes
    - 3.1 Freshwater Ecosystems
    - 3.1.1 Lakes and Ponds
    - 3.1.2 Rivers and Streams
    - 3.2 Marine Ecosystems
    - 3.2.1 Coral Reefs
    - 3.2.2 Ocean Zones

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    September 18, 2023 11:23pm UTC