One purpose of a figure of speech is to

A. Present an argument.
B.state the time and place.
C.create humor the authors point of view.

1. One purpose of a figure or speech is to?

Answer: create humor
2. Which clause best completes the sentence to create a pun?
Answer: we finnaly got the ball rolling
3. Which term means “the use of a word that suggests two or more of its meanings, or suggests a similar sounding word”?
Answer: pun
4. Which term means “to say something that is opposite from what is true or from what you really mean”?
Answer: verbal irony
1. A
2. D
3. D
4. D
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C. Create humor

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The purpose of a figure of speech is not to present an argument, state the time and place, or express the author's point of view. The correct answer is C. create humor.

A figure of speech is a word or phrase that departs from the literal meaning to achieve a particular effect. It is used to add depth, richness, and creativity to language. One common use of figures of speech is to create humor by presenting ideas in unusual or unexpected ways that may evoke laughter or amusement.

To arrive at this answer, you can eliminate options A, B, and D by understanding their definitions and purposes. Option A, presenting an argument, refers to a logical reasoning or persuasive speech, which is distinct from the creative and playful nature of figures of speech. Option B, stating the time and place, is not relevant to the purpose of figures of speech. And option D, expressing the author's point of view, is not the primary purpose of figures of speech, although they can indirectly convey the author's perspective by adding depth to the writing.

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