Which of the following is the connotation of a word?(1 point)


the context of a word
the way a word is pronounced
the literal meaning of a word
the feelings a word suggests

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Question 1:Which of the following is the connotation of a word?
Answer: the feelings a word suggests

Question 2:Which of the following is the denotation of a word?
Answer:its literal meaning

Question 3:The words "carefree" and "untroubled" are related in their denotation. Which choice explains their connotation?
Answer:They each have a positive connotation.

Question 4:Which synonym for outstanding has a negative connotation?

Question 5:If a word does not evoke any feelings, which type of connotation does it have?

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The connotation of a word refers to the feelings or emotions that a word suggests. It goes beyond the literal meaning of the word and can evoke positive, negative, or neutral associations. To determine the connotation of a word, you can consider the overall tone, cultural and personal associations, and the context in which the word is used. In this case, the correct response is "the feelings a word suggests."