what is the average net worth of a 50-year old man with a college degree?

what is the average net worth of a 50-year old man who dropped out of college or does not have a college degree?

is it just me, or do people without college degrees become multimillionaires while people with college degrees become awesome employees or become self-employed and earn no more than a few mil per year?


I didn't find the statistics you're seeking -- but the average person with a college degree earns a lot more than one without a degree. That fact implies that the average 50-year-old degreed man is worth more financially than the average 50-year-old without a degree.

I'm confused about your last question. A multimillionaire is one who is worth more than $1 million. A person who earns a "few million a year," by definition, is a multimillionaire. Today, really rich people are worth billions, not millions. Most of these people have at least one college degree. A few billionaire college dropouts are geniuses like Bill Gates, while other billionaires have inherited family fortunes.

These websites have more information about the relationship between college degrees and wealth.




Census Bureau statistics, people with a bachelor's degree earn over 70 percent more on average than those with only a high school diploma. Over a lifetime, this will make a considerable difference in overall earnings, standard of living and retirement savings.

The power of a bachelor’s degree becomes even more apparent when seeking employment. Applicants with a degree are much more likely to be hired for a position than those without a degree. Specialized study in college prepares workers for a job field or industry. A general or liberal arts degree will help workers gain employment in a wide range of fields. Often your college major is not as important as just the fact that you have the degree.

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