Imagine a comprehensive illustration that displays essential elements of transportation methods to depict the best way to transport people and goods to remote inland areas. Picture this with a railroad, a road, a ship in the sea, and an airplane. Also, show an example of a vehicle's body carrying the weight of the vehicle and separate images of a car component, system, and subsystem to depict the hierarchy from most general to specific. Include the image of a turn signal to symbolize an automobile subsystem and also an image that simplifies the process of an engine converting chemical energy into mechanical energy (perhaps through an illustration of combustion). Remember, the image should contain no text.

Which transportation system is best used to transport people and goods to remote inland areas?(1 point)





Which statement describes a characteristic of a vehicle’s body?(1 point)

It connects and carries the weight of the vehicle.**

It limits accessible space for the engine.

It evenly distributes the weight of the vehicle.

It provides energy for the movement of the vehicle.

Which list shows terms from the most general to the most specific parts of a car?(1 point)

component, system, subsystem**

subsystem, system, component

component, subsystem, system

system, subsystem, component

The turn signal belongs to which subsystem of an automobile?(1 point)




transmission**(not sure)

Engines work by converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. What process do they use to do this?(1 point)





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1 road

2 It evenly distributes the weight of the vehicle.
3 system, subsystem, component
4 control
5 combustion

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