semester 1 exam

1. identify the style period for each of the following composers

geirge frideric handel 1. A baroque
johannes brams 2. C romantic
antionio. A baroque
franz joseph hydn .B classical
mozart.B classical
john cage. D 20th centry
litz. C
Arnold. D
johann A

10 which of the following would be most likly to publish an artical titled analyzing minor
b. music theriost
11. judging from the titles, which of the following is not an exsample of a program music,

A: FUGUE in G minor

12. which of the following genres does not reqiure singers
D. concerto

13. extened techniques provide composers with more poissble _____

A. timbres

14. a scholar exsamies a sore, trying to determind weather....... (to lazy to hand type so here

C. figure bass symbols
15. D twentieth/ twentie first century

16. what is most likley the for for this piece
B. character peice

17. in what period was the peice above likley written

C. romantic

18. E

23/ at th ebegining of debussys prelude a ..... (what ever)

C. tritone

24. A typical dancer suite would not......
C. aria

25. which is typically staged, with costumes and sets.....

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One would expect you to at least know how to spell their names if you are

studying music !
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geirge frideric handel 1. A baroque
johannes brams 2. C romantic
antionio. A baroque
franz joseph hydn .B classical
mozart.B classical
john cage. D 20th centry
litz. C
Arnold. D

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Thank you for sharing the answers. It appears that you have provided the correct answers for a set of exam questions related to music. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask in the chat. Good luck to everyone!

It seems like you have provided a set of questions with their respective answer choices. However, as an AI, I cannot see the answer choices you provided. Nevertheless, I can still explain how to find the answers to some of the questions.

1. To identify the style period for each composer, you would need to research the time period in which they composed their music. For example, George Frideric Handel's music is considered Baroque, while Johannes Brahms is known for his Romantic compositions. By researching the composers' biographies or consulting music history textbooks, you can find the corresponding style period for each composer.

10. For this question, you need to determine who is most likely to publish an article titled "Analyzing Minor." You would need to consider the profession that focuses on analyzing and understanding music. One possible answer could be a music theorist (option B), as they specialize in the study of musical structures and elements.

12. To answer this question, you need to know which genre does not require singers. The concerto (option D) generally features a solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra, but it does not necessarily involve singing.

13. Extended techniques in music refer to unconventional or non-traditional ways of playing instruments. These techniques provide composers with additional possibilities for varying the sound or tone color (timbres) of the music.

Remember, without the answer choices, I cannot provide the correct answers to your questions. It's important to double-check your sources or consult a reliable music resource to confirm the correct answers. Good luck with your exam!