Create an image that beautifully visualizes the concept of wavelength changes in different media. Show a guitar being plucked and the soundwave traveling in the air before reaching an ear. Also, include an illustration that shows sound waves traveling through various materials, such as air, water, glass, and steel, with each material showing different wavelength and speed. Furthermore, depict a wave transferring from one rope to another with differing properties, demonstrating changes in the wavelength and speed. Lastly, illustrate ultrasound waves transitioning from one type of tissue to another within the human body, showcasing different wavelengths.

Wavelength In Different Media Quick Check

1.) The sound of a plucked guitar string travels through the air and strikes the eardrum of a person in the same room. How does the sound wave change when it transfers from the air to the person’s eardrum?
-Both the speed and the wavelength of the sound change-

2.) The table shows the speed of sound in various media. Which list orders the media from shortest wavelength to longest wavelength for sound waves that pass through them?
-air, water, glass, steel-

3.) Two different types of rope with different properties are fused together to make one long rope. When a wave transfers from the first type of rope to the second type of rope, the wavelength becomes one-fourth of what it was before the transfer. What is true about the speed of the wave?
-The speed of the wave becomes one-fourth its original speed after the transfer-

4.) If a sound wave transitions from one medium to another, which transition would result in a shortening of the wavelength of the sound wave?
-steel to water-

5.) If an ultrasound wave moves from one tissue to another tissue in the body, which of the following transitions will result in the largest change in the wavelength of the ultrasound wave?
-blood to fat-

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