What is the chemical formula potassium dioxonitrate (5)

For your information there is no such chemical as potassium dioxonitrate(5). Give me you reference for that name. Your text? Your teacher? Your friends? Help me stamp out these incorrectly named compounds. There is a potassium nitrite (KNO2) also correctly named potassium dioxidonitrate(IV) and I've see potassium dioxidooxidonitrogen. Although all of these names are acceptable by IUPAC, I think potassium nitrite is the most often used name for KNO2. That is most likely the compound you tried to name.

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potassium dioxidonitrate(IV) should be potassium dioxidonitrate(III)

The chemical formula for potassium dioxonitrate (5) is KNO3.

To determine the chemical formula of potassium dioxonitrate (5), we first need to understand the chemical symbols and valences of each element.

The symbol for potassium is K, and its valence is +1. The symbol for oxygen is O, and its valence is typically -2. The symbol for nitrogen is N, and its valence is typically -3 or +5.

The compound "dioxonitrate" suggests the presence of two oxygen atoms and one nitrogen atom. The "(5)" in the compound name indicates the valence of nitrogen present in the compound. In this case, the valence of nitrogen is +5.

To find the correct chemical formula, we need to balance the charges of the potassium ion (+1) and the combined negativity of the two oxygen atoms (-4) and the nitrogen atom (+5).

Since potassium has a +1 charge and the combined charge of the oxygen atoms and the nitrogen atom is +1 (-4 + +5 = +1), we only need one potassium ion to balance the charges.

Hence, the chemical formula for potassium dioxonitrate (5) is KNO2.