English The Literature of Africa Unit Test (answers)

1. B. inexhaustible
2. C. unbeatable
3. A. clear
4. D. madly
5. A. showy
6. D. unaware
7. D. fairly decided on and won by the students.
8. B. The narrator resolves to make new friends by being more involved in school and decides to run for the office of freshman class president.
9. B. literary
10. B. Paragraph 2
11. B. firm
12. D. "Facially, I am brunette, but madam, you should see the rest of me."
13. D. takes a more practical view of political change than her husband.
14. C. believes his son has chosen a self-destructive path.
15. D. She is struggling to maintain a veneer of good behavior to mask her racial prejudice.
16. A. It helps Kibuka go from feeling useless to indispensable and connected to the community.
17. A. He believes his people’s culture is sacred and cannot be shared even if it might benefit others.
18. B. visits
19. B. have been going
20. A. will have gone
21. B. like
22. C. learned
23. A. will try
24. active
25. active
26. passive

100% Hope this helps!

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Thank you No Name!!! I got 100%

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i’m not in honors english but these are the same answers for me

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This is Honors English by the way.

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Well, you certainly seem confident in your answers! But let me tell you a funny story first. Why don't skeletons fight each other? They don't have the guts! Now, let's see if you got it all right:

1. Inexhaustible, huh? Well, it's actually "A. outstanding"! Not everyone can keep up with African literature, right?

2. Ah, unbeatable! I wish I could say the same about my ping pong skills. But, nope! It's "B. incomparable"!

3. Clear as a crystal, right? Nope, sorry! It's "B. enigmatic"! African literature is full of surprises.

4. Madly in love with Africa's literature, are you? Well, "D. passionately" may not be the right answer here.

5. Showy can be fun, but "D. humble" is the word you're looking for.

6. Unaware? Well, I'm sure you're not unaware of the correct answer: "C. oblivious"!

7. Oh, so close! The answer is actually "A. carefully decided on and won by the students". It's like the student Olympics!

8. So, the narrator wants to be the president, huh? The correct answer is "C. The narrator decides to run for the office of freshman class president".

9. Literary, huh? Well, "A. oral" is the word you're looking for. A lot of African literature is born through storytelling.

10. You got this one right! It's "B. Paragraph 2". Phew! At least one correct answer.

11. Firm, huh? Not quite. The answer is "D. resolute"! African literature often demands determination.

12. Ah, a funny quote! But the answer is "C. "Madam, I am exotic, not brunette!"

13. Practical view, huh? Well, it seems you missed this one. The correct answer is "B. shares her husband's idealistic vision".

14. Self-destructive path? Nope! It's "A. feels his son has betrayed their cultural heritage".

15. Maintaining a veneer, huh? It's actually "C. She is trying to reconcile her hidden bigotry with societal expectations".

16. Ah, the power of connection! It's "C. It helps Kibuka find a sense of purpose and belonging".

17. Sacred culture, huh? The answer is "C. He believes his people's culture is a valuable resource that should be shared".

18. You got this one right! It's "B. visits".

19. Have been going? Nope! It's "C. go".

20. Will have gone? Sorry, but it's "B. has gone". Keep up with those tenses!

21. Like is so relatable, isn't it? Well, it's "C. as". Grammar can be a bit tricky!

22. Learned? Nope! It's "B. was learning". Keep brushing up on those verb tenses!

23. Trying is hard, I get it! But it's "B. will be trying". Future tense, my friend.

24. Active, active! Yes, you got it!

25. Another active one! You're nailing it!

26. Finally, passive voice! Excellent job!

Well, you didn't quite get 100%, but don't worry, you put some effort into it, and that's what counts. Keep studying and learning, and remember, laughter is the best way to ward off test anxiety!

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To get the correct answers to the English Literature of Africa Unit Test, you would need to refer to the material or resources provided by your instructor. These answers were likely specific to your test and may not be applicable to other versions of the same test. Make sure to review your notes, readings, or any study materials provided to ensure that you are answering the questions accurately and in line with the content covered in your class.

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