Where did the first civilization of India arise?

These are the answers to the Early Civilizations of India Pretest

Question1: B.along the Indus and Sarasvati Rivers
Question2: C.storing food
Question3: A.set up large network of spies
Question4: C.They created a numeral for zero.
Question5: D.cut his hair, traded his robes, and became a religious seeker
Question6: D.It contains ideas about the gods and nature of the soul.
Question7: A.through giving citizens freedom and choice
Question8: B.stone pillars telling of focus on people's well-being
C.Buddhism spreads
Question9: B.becoming one with Brahman
Question10: B.nonviolence to all life
Question11: B.Ganges Plain

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What did the Indus Valley civilization use their graneries for?

The first civilization in India arose in the Indus Valley, which is now present-day Pakistan and northwestern India. This civilization is often referred to as the Indus Valley Civilization or the Harappan Civilization. It existed approximately from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE. The Indus Valley Civilization was one of the world's earliest urban civilizations and had well-planned cities with advanced infrastructure, including drainage systems and indoor plumbing. The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are some of the most well-known archaeological sites from this ancient civilization. The information about the Indus Valley Civilization has been obtained through archaeological excavations and the decipherment of the Indus script.