Create an interesting image that represents the concept of conducting online research. Display various elements such as: a magnifying glass hovering over a digital screen to symbolize keyword search, a computer browser to depict a web browser, a gear-driven machine to represent a search engine and a person of Middle-Eastern descent, presumably male, exhibited in a thinking pose to denote effective search methods. Ensure that the visual analogy does not include any text.

Which option describes key words that are used to conduct online research?(1 point)

search terms

effective terms

search engines

accurate words

Which term describes a program that uses key words to search for and identify related information?(1 point)

effective searcher

web browser

search engine

term identifier

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the answers are

1.C, search terms.
2.C, search engine.

1. Search terms

2. Search engine
3. Specific
4. Directly

These are the real correct answers

1. search terms

2. search engine
3. specific
4. directly
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Girl is correct.

1.Search terms
2.Search engine
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Baby yoda is correct

1. search terms

2. search engine
3. Reliable
4. Specific
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Which option describes a research question?(1 point)

a question placed in the conclusion of an essay to make the reader think

a question that encourages the reader to find out more about the topic

a question that reveals where you can find information about a topic

a question that identifies a topic that you want to learn more about

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Answer Key:

1: Search Terms
2: Search Engine
3: Reliable
4: Specific