What is a modifier?

Which term describes a group of words without a subject or a verb that cannot stand alone as a sentence?
Which characteristic describes an independent clause?
Which element plays a supporting role in a sentence
Which term describes a group of words containing a subject and its verb?

1.A word or a phrase that provides description

3.it expresses a complete thought
4. A subordinate clause
5.a clause

1 word or phrase that provides description

2 a phrase
3 it express a complete thought
4 a dependent clause
5 a clause all correct
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Answer for updated number 4 is: a dependent clause

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1. A word or phrase that provides description.
2. Phrase
3. It expresses a complete thought.
4. A dependent clause.
5. A clause

Yep angry kakoyin is correct about that. Answer for number 4 in 2022 is dependant clause. besides that, 100% anonymous is right.

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